About Us

Amritha established in 1997 has worked its way from a very humble begining and now positioned itself as one of the best mold making shops in India and matching with the global standards Having designed and made more than 1000 molds is firmly moving ahead with a clear vision of being the preferred choice by customers looking for injection molds of high cavitation with reliable performance producing good quality parts consistently.

144 cavity fully hot runner molds are the highest cavitations handled by Amritha so far.Molds are tested extensively inhouse before dispatch to ensure quick start up and trouble free production run at customer sites.

With its focus on the molds for rigid packaging applications used by FMCG sector,Amritha works closely with packaging development teams of several multinationals and plays a key role in value adding to the projects With a very supportive and motivated team,Amritha has several times delighted the customers by breaking barriers in mold completion time lines and by holding hands from the initiation of projects till the product is proven on the assembly lines.

With weekly updates on project status and a very active customer support and a team with a keen spirit to learn from the experienced and swift to adopt and implement innovative ideas,we ensure customer needs are taken care of at all times.

With our guideline of "think globally and act locally",we are giving the best of both worlds to our customers in terms of quality and price.